Which Membership type is right for me?

Single: $465.00/yr.  A single membership is for single people only.

Family:$695.00/yr. A family membership is a married couple, with or without children, residing in the same house. (parents and their children). No brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, boyfriends, girlfriends, or significant others.

Extended Family: and additional $125.00/yr. This membership extends the family membership to include your parents, your grandparents, your children and your grandchildren who live outside of the Tri-Community.  This is a vertical extension; it does not extend horizontally to include aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters or cousins. This is limited to  a maximum of 6 people.

Golden age:  If you are 70 or older, ask about this discount.

Any exceptions to these types, or additions to your household, must be approved by the Board of Directors in writing.

 How do I book a party?
Reservations are required for all parties. Check with management to determine table and barbecue availability. Members are limited to 2parties per year, With 20 non members only, your day guest passes can be used or you may 7$per guest.  A guest list is required one week in advance to the manager or gate keepers. Only guests on that list will be permitted to enter Country Club.  Members may come no earlier than 7AM, the day of the party, to reserve 1 or 2 tables for the day, cannot leave area unattended. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance with management.  Members are always welcome to bring their own tables and chairs. Insurance is required for parties of over 30 non-members.

Canopies:  Canopies are numbered and can be reserved in advance.  Please bring extra chairs for your guests, (max of 5 sand chairs from gate table).  You may rent additional tables and chairs from the club.  No EZ ups are permitted on the grounds for safety reasons, (our winds can be strong).

BBQ’s: Cooking grills provided on a first come basis. Propane 6’ grills available for cooking use for $4, (pay gatekeeper) Grill scrapers available with gatekeeper.  No grills or picnic tables allowed on grass area along lake front

Gazebo and Dock: Members wishing to use the area around the Gazebo and Dock for sunbathing and picnicking should first check for reservations.  Advance reservations and a deposit are required.  Contact the manager for date availability and rates.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse may be rented for gatherings.  See management for rates and availability.

Can I bring my own toys? 
We have an air pump available for rafts. No raft larger than 6 feet please.  There are a few sand toys, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please remember that the lifeguards are required
to fill in all holes dug by the children.  Bring small buckets and shovels. No squirt guns or water balloons.  We have an assortment of basketballs, volleyballs, ping-pong paddles, and a tether ball.

Where's my beach towel?

Towels, clothes and shoes are kept at our lost and found, will be held for 7 days before it gets donated to charity.  Please check with the manager if you’ve lost something of value.

What will happen if I misbehave or do not follow the rules?
Please respect Club personnel. A verbal warning will be given for the first offence.  On the second offence the gatekeeper will ask them to leave. A minors’ parent or alternate contact will be called to pick up the minor.  They will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the day.   
                                   The Wrightwood Country Club is a family oriented recreational facility.

Members or guests engaging in profane or disruptive conduct will be asked to leave.

Smoking and alcohol policy:
We have adopted a NO SMOKING policy.  

Our beautiful frogs do not go on vacation,  please do not remove from the lake.  Frogs cannot be put in any form of container.  They need cool water to stay alive.  No handling of any frog, toads or tadpoles.  We do have mosquito fish in the lake to keep the mosquito population down.  Please do not add any foreign things to your lake.

When are we open?
Beginning on November 1st,2017 we begin our off season hours that continue until April 1st, 2017.
Sunday through Saturday the overall grounds including Tennis Courts will be open from 7:00am until 8:00pm with the exception of the use of the Spa, Weightroom and Racquetball. 
The Spa, Weightroom and Racquetball will be available for use: 7am -11am and 4pm-8pm daily.
We will be closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day and New years evening.

How do I sign in?

Members must sign in at the table by the entrance. Please PRINT the first and last name of everyone in your group.  If you have a guest, present your guest passes to the gatekeeper on duty.  If there is no gatekeeper, please sign in and leave your signed and dated guest pass on the clipboard.  If you have a punch card, call the office and someone will come to punch your card. All Guests must sign a waiver.  Children under 18 must have parent or guardian sign for them. No exceptions!

Can I bring guests?
A guest must be known to and accompanied by a member.  All guest age 4 and up require a pass.  Guest passes are sold to members only and are not to be resold or given to non-members. Passes will not be sold individually. Members may purchase 2 guest pass cards per season(10 punches/card) for $70.  Passes for guests are required year-round.

Can I bring my Pets?


Sorry, no animals allowed.  We have special 'Dog days' is in October.

Can I make reservations?

Tennis Court, Racquetball Court, and Spa: While not required, reservations are suggested, so you won’t be bumped.  Check the reservation book at the front desk during the summer season, or call 249-4675 during the winter months.  Reservations may be made up to 48 hours in advance.  Members may reserve one hour on the hour for tennis and racquetball and ½ hour for the spa. Hours of usage maybe limited on busy days.

How old do I have to be?
Children under 12 must be supervised by a responsible adult. (Not from inside the weightroom).

Swimming: Please respect the clean water. We are required to test the water weekly for bacteria levels.  Please do not PEE in the water.  Blue color is added to the water to impede the sun from penetrating the water for reduced weed growth.  Shallow end is marked by blue and white buoys.  Children under the age of 14 must take a swim test administered by the lifeguard.  It consists of jumping off of the diving board and treading water for either 1 or 5 minutes before swimming to the shallow end buoys. Children under 14 must take this test to ride in floating devices in the deep end.

Racquet Ball: No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the room without a responsible adult. Proper court shoes must be worn at all times. Court time is 1 hour.  Key at gate table.

Tennis/Pickleball Courts: No age restriction as long as tennis/pickleball is being played. Rules are posted on the entrance gates.  Tennis shoes must be worn at all times.  No food or drinks, except water, are allowed on the courts. Court #2 and #3 have light timers for night playing. The ball machine is on #1, key is at gate table, and you must supply your own bucket of balls.  Court #3 is a pickleball court.  You can purchase pickleball equipment from the club office.  During the summer there is equipment to borrow from the gatekeeper.

Disc Golf: Please use the Club facilities before hiking up the hill.  Our neighbors do not wish to watch you water the trees.  Maps are available with a list of rules. There may be times when a basket is removed for special event safety.

Weight Room: New members must attend an orientation to the facility. No guests are allowed in the weight room.  For liability reasons there are NO EXEPTIONS, (violation of any rules constitutes automatic suspension of your membership). No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the room at any time, for any reason.  Young adults, ages 14 and 15 must be accompanied by their parent in the room at all times.  Towels are required to wipe off equipment used for the next member.  Complete lists of rules are posted in the room. Family codes are available from the manager.  Please do not share your code.

Spa: Please shower before entering spa, (this helps to minimize the bacteria levels in the water from soap and sun screen, and is required by the health department). A maximum of 4 bathers in a ½ hour period in the spa please.  No one under the age of 16 is allowed inside the gate area. Gate must be locked after each use, so small children do not wander in.  Key at gate table.

Sunbathers:  There is no saving of umbrellas or spots on the grass lake front area, from the snackbar to the gazebo (no picnic tables or BBQs here).  Sunbathers have the ‘right of way” on the sand and grass sides of the lake.  People wishing to play football or other sports may play up on the athletic field.

Bicycles, skateboards, snowboards, scooters, roller blades, and all similar items may not be used in the Club.  Bicycles should be locked on the bike rack.
When Can We Swim? 
There is NO swimming unless a lifeguard is on duty.  Lifeguards are available beginning Memorial Day, May, through Labor Day in September. Normal lifeguard hours are 10am to 8pm, weather permitting. Swimmers will be asked to leave the water during periods of thunder and lightning for 30 minutes (American Red Cross), and will be allowed back in at the discretion of the lifeguards on duty. Swimmers who do not respect the lifeguards will be asked to leave the lake. Back dives, back flips, inners, and gainers are not allowed at any time.  Check with lifeguard for water rules. Safety is our #1 priority. You may wade in shallow end with a responsible parent at your own risk. Call office if you want to swim early mornings.

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