Wrightwood Country Club


News Letter

Happy January!!!!
That much closer to summer.
The weight room,spa and racquetball room wil be closed New Years evening froom 4-8pm.  They will be back open ay 7am-11am and 4pm-8pm on New Years day.
I've been seeing some questions on face book on why we drain the lake.
Especially due to the high fire danger this year. 
We drain the lake mostly for safety.  That is always our number one priority.  People and animals should never walk on ice here in California.
It is so dangerous if you were to fall in and you got trapped underneath the ice.  We want our guest to be safe at all times.  We also have a family of raccoons here and want them to be safe also.  And then there is the occasional bear and mountain lions.  Safety!
Next it is a great time to clean the lake out of all the weeds.
Finally the fire and forestry service takes water from mountain high or the aqueducts. We have many obstructions here at the lake.  It is difficult for the helicopters to obtain the water. 
Of course if they needed it we would give them our full cooperation.

Everyone have a Happy New Year and keep safe!
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